Please read “Paleo Pamphlet.pdf” –

It describes the Paleo Solution and the reasoning behind it.

Our family does Paleo because we have seen the results in how we look and feel, and have seen the same results in others. In addition, we got tired of fighting the weight battle, all while exercising 3-5 times a week. After living lives being the “chubby” kids, we found a way to get healthy results despite our “heavy” genetics (I lovingly call this the “fat gene”). And as a result, we feel great and it shows on the outside. So yeah, it can seem crazy at first, but then once you do it and SEE, you are like “this is brilliant!” And after you have eaten Paleo for a while, you will notice a huge change in how your body responds to your old way of eating. Go ahead! Try a carb and sugar filled meal and just wait for the wave of lethargy and dizziness to hit you! It’s then that you go, “Wow! Eating the old way really “weighs” me down! (No pun intended, lol!). I say this with passion, not judgement! It’s just that I have been there and that’s why I am not going back to eating the old way.


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