Brandon and I are common people who are living out day to day life with an uncommon God at our side. We own a CrossFit gym (CrossFit Utah Valley) and have recently benefited greatly from incorporating the Paleo diet into our lives and have seen HUGE results!

We have also taken financial principles from Dave Ramsey literally and have been called crazy for selling one of the houses we owned, and then moving into the smaller, cheaper house outside our affluent neighborhood.

We have two fabulous children that crack us up and have 20+ chickens, two rabbits, and 3 dogs. We live in an old schoolhouse and hobby farm on our one acre patch of “Mayberry”.  We chose land over square footage and are still learning to adjust to 1400 square feet. Because of Paleo and pursuing life debt-free, we have felt like, or been told, we are oddballs, but we are learning to embrace it!

Simply put, we are learning to live life differently. We’ve chosen the hard road, but we believe it’s the right road for us and has become easier the longer we do it! We believe we are changing our legacy – our inheritance. Physically, we have both inherited the fat gene (I say this with love). Financially, we inherited no wisdom in how to use money, other than to spend it. And spiritually, we were void of a relationship with our Creator. But we have changed all that and are overcoming our past, to embrace a better and brighter future for us and our family!


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  1. Y’all sound a lot like us except we try to keep the plate full of plants with little to no animal. But, similarly to you, we made the choice to be vegan-ish because we found that our weight and health responded very well to it. We are in the process of getting married and moving our 4 children (2 from each of us) into a 1,000 sq. ft. home because being debt free is our priority now.

    Your site makes me think our food might be different, but our priorities aren’t. Love to hear from you.

    • Yes I agree! That is so cool that you guys are downsizing to pay off debt. As you may have read, we sold one of our houses and downsized as well for the same reasons. Who wants to live for a house and deal with all the stress associated with it? Way to go! I am proud of your decision! I’d love to hear updates and know we are cheering you on!

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