From Juli @ PaleOMG

I tried this recipe from PaleOMG a few weeks ago and it was devoured quickly! Wait a minute! Ok, to be honest, I made this recipe and did not have Frank’s Hot Sauce on hand and being the novice I am, I used the Habanero sauce that I had on hand. Might I add, that it was HOT! So, through the flaming mouths of my family, this was much enjoyed :)!

However, I did remake this this evening with Frank’s and ground turkey, instead of the ground chicken the recipe calls for, and it was delish! I also like to add that when I made it the first time, I did not have another ground meat available (besides the ground beef), so I used my all natural Jimmy Dean pork sausage instead. It was equally as yummy!

This recipe would be great with a number of different combinations to go on top of the meat crust formed with the ground beef. We are so excited to try new versions!

Here is the link to the recipe:


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