Hi all! We as I have said before, I am recovering from shoulder surgery (4 weeks in now!). I was so blessed to have my mom come out for the first 3 weeks to help our family function. With Brandon working at Petersen Medical and CrossFit UV, it seriously saved us! Wednesday was the first day I drove and sprouted little wings of independence, as I went to the bank and ran a few other errands. So I am getting there! But, back to my mom…

My step dad has witnessed the changes in Brandon and I, since starting Paleo in August of 2010, and was able to talk my mom (Nutra Systems fan) into doing Paleo! They began the journey on February 1st. When my mom arrived at our house 3 weeks ago, she told me she was not so thrilled with Paleo. She said that though my step dad has noticed weight loss, my mom felt like she gained weight! Yikes! I just told her I have never heard of that from anyone I know who has gone Paleo. We also looked at her diet and saw that she was eating a lot of dried fruit, thus taking in a lot of sugar calories (natural sugar, but still sugar). And high sugar/fruit intake is not recommended in general, but even more so if weight loss is the goal. We recommended that while she was here to be a little more balanced with her food/fuel choices and we got her CrossFitting 3 days a week, while Carlee was doing the CFUV Kids program. We InBody-ied her during her first and last workout to measure the results of our little “experiment.” (P.S. If you have not InBody-ied at the gym, you need to! The information is so worth the money!)

Well, I am happy to tell you that over the 3 weeks she was here she lost 4 lbs. of fat and gained 1 lb. of muscle! Her Basal Metabolic Rate (the rate at which your body burns calories at rest) increased as well, by 20 pts. We were so excited, and she was too! So Mom went back to New York, equipped with a few new recipes (of course we had to give her our Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe) and lots of encouragement from us, as well as from her new friends at CrossFit UV! (P.S. She is not going to find another CrossFit in NY, but will be working out on her Total Gym. Good try though Brandy!)

Does Paleo work? Absolutely!


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