So because of CrossFit Utah Valley and our community of friends, we know lots of people that practice Paleo, others that ask about Paleo, some that criticize Paleo (vehemently), those we’d love have try Paleo, as well as those that have started Paleo, only to then fall off the wagon. It is to the latter group that I want to write to today!

There are a couple of things I believe you need to know BEFORE you throw in the towel:

1) First of all, if you know my husband Brandon, please do not look at his speedy transformation and allow it to make you stumble. 

He is the most hard core, strict, disciplined, determined Paleo person and man I know! If you are starting out, you simply cannot expect yourself to follow suit overnight. How do I know? Because he didn’t become the Paleo Psycho (honey I love you) when he first began eating Paleo. Truth be told, I started first!

Brandon’s story is amazing! It shows what can happen when one makes a decision in their mind to do something, but his level of discipline is atypical. So please know that incredible results lie ahead indeed, but they vary based on your commitment and discipline level. Remember, I told you I started off slowly and became more committed and disciplined with time. Everyone’s Paleo story is different!

2) Paleo is different and just like anything new, you need to give yourself time to learn how-to Paleo (what’s clean, what’s not, what’s good enough for you, what are the substitutes, etc.).

Get online and read up on what you are doing and why you are doing it, and then go recipe hunting! I have put some of my favorites sites on my blog too!


This means if you didn’t eat Paleo at lunch, make sure to Paleo at dinner. Getting back on the wagon is as easy as waiting until you are hungry again! To make good choices, be informed! Visit Whole 9 Life and Robb Wolf’s site, to get started!

4) Clean out your fridge and pantry!

How can you expect to have success when you are surrounded by temptations? You can’t! Pull the plug and remove distractions and replace them with healthy Paleo alternatives.

5) Look out for the Snack Attacks!

You must have easily accessible snack foods (such as hard-boiled eggs, sweet-potato chips, nuts, fruit, baby carrots, Larabars, salami or lunch meat) for those moments where you are most tempted to eat junk – between meals.

6) Don’t be so hard on yourself, but just keep at it!

It get’s easier with time! I started to feel confidently Paleo, after about a year, and I am learning more every day!

7) Paleo with someone who will support you and hold you accountable to improve.

This is particularly awesome when spouses do this together! I suggest that singles do this with a close friend or relative that you connect with often.


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  1. Nate Fox says:

    Thanks Jamie! Brandon’s success with Paleo is also due to the high caloric deficit he has between his diet and his workouts. I mean between CF and CFE he’s got to be burning close to an extra 1000 calories a day. That is a huge deficit when you eat clean. That 2 slices of Costco Cheese Pizza. I’ve been rockin it for 4 weeks and keep strong. I have added quinoa and love it in my diet. I also allow myself 2 cheat meals a week.
    I feel that I starting to get into a groove. My wife has been so supportive…. she made bacon wrapped bacon the other day…. out of this world 🙂

    • Nate, I here what you are saying, but Brandon has done CrossFit since before we opened the gym and would work out 3-5 times per week and was still pushing 340 lbs. That was the frustrating part! Exercising, but still not a ton of difference in his weight and still a stream of gout flare ups. It was not until we introduced Paleo into our life that things actually changed. However, I will say that the SPEED and SEVERITY of his physical transformation is definitely because of the intensified workouts, combined with how strict and clean he eats. But I look at myself, and I lost weight without working out (went from a 12 to a 6). That’s why I am so passionate! I never thought my big bones would fit into a 6, lol!

      But Nate, you rock on and do what works for ya! Your family and Jackie seriously amaze me! If I was feeding a family of 7 Paleo, I would seriously be in the poor house – so do whatever works and keeps you in the black and has those bullies full! I am cheering you on!!!

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