Good afternoon! Hopefully you all have noticed that I have not posted much in a while and so I think it appropriate to explain myself (so you don’t think I have abandoned ship), AND because there are some lessons I have learned that I badly want to share with you all! So humor me :)!


On Feb 27th, I had two procedures done on my right shoulder – which totals 3 I have had altogether. Yes, it appears I have sucky shoulders (or at least the right one) for a 32 year old! After approximately 15 years playing softball, I injured myself in junior college and was asked/allowed myself to be forced to play through the injury all season with the help of steroid shots and lots of Advil. Later on, a doctor told me my MRI simply showed it was tendonitis. After marriage and motherhood, and many attempts to CrossFit, my shoulder continued to cause me pain. I had some work done on it in 2009 (for the WedMD-minded, they fixed a slap tear and did a subacromial decompression), which may have helped, but in 2011 when I attempted to CrossFit again, the pain returned and became more severe! So in my pursuit to be just like Tom Bradley (lol!), I saw another surgeon who thought he could get it fixed once and for all! The two recommended procedures were both invasive and very “involved”, but we just wanted it done! So I am currently recovering from a bicep tenodesis and fusion of my os acromiale. All that means is that two holes, two incisions, wire, mesh, and screws later, I am in recovery mode! I am blessed to have my mom here, who is helping our family function during the first 3 weeks of life after surgery. I have also had a lot of people praying for me and I am happy to say I am doing wonderfully!


  • I am currently off my meds and have 4 more weeks of being in my sling/shoulder immobilizer. No movement above the elbow at all. So I am learning to be a lefty! However, I can now shower! Hallelujah! Please do not underestimate the beauty of a hot shower!
  • Months of physical therapy
  • Total of 6-9 months healing and gradual exercise after that


  1. We have so many people that love and support us through amazing communities at Petersen Medical, CrossFit Utah Valley, and CenterPoint Church!
  2. Let people help you and receive their gifts of kindness and don’t be so worried that you are a burden. Let the gift of giving come full circle and accept it!
  3. God has made our bodies to adapt to our limitations, environments, and circumstances – thank Him and don’t fret over what you can’t do, but instead focus on what you can do! You will be amazed!
  4. You know your body, better than anyone else (except for God himself). Trust yourself and pay attention when things don’t seem right and sensibly respond! For me, this included knowing when to start and stop my pain killers and remove steri-strips from a suture that wasn’t completely closed. I believe I prevented an infection and now the suture is closing nicely (rather than oozing!). 
  5. Remember TIME FLIES! “This too shall pass” is so very true!
  6. God provides what you need to endure whatever season of life you are in, whether easy or hard! There is no shame in leaning on Him – don’t let your pride get in the way!
  7. Be creative and make a practice of accomplishing things in new and unfamiliar ways! It’s fun!

2 Corinthians 12:9 – Good News Translation (GNT)

“But his answer was: My grace is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak. I am most happy, then, to be proud of my weaknesses, in order to feel the protection of Christ’s power over me.”

During my time of healing, I will be doing my best to post as often as possible, but at least now you understand where I am coming from. Please leave me comments about what you would most like to know about, because I am also brainstorming new blog topics! 

I pray you all are eating healthy, loving deeply, and enjoying what life has to offer!


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  1. Oh, no! I dread an injury. You might be learning to be a lefty, but I bet fixing dinner and folding clothes with one hand are no fun!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love you honey. Your mind set is wonderful! Peace and Blessings to you and the family!

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