So let’s check out what Paleo goodness is on sale this week! Today I am going to start with Smith’s, because they have the best deals this week!


  • Ground Beef $1.99/lb.
  • Apples (Gala, Red & Golden Delicious) $0.79/lb.
  • Boneless Cross Rib & Chuck Roast (our favorite) $2.99/lb.
  • Eggs, 1 doz. 4 for $5
  • Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, & Raspberries 2 for $5
  • Jewel Yams $0.99/lb.
  • Boneless, Skinless Breasts or Tenderloins $2.49/lb.
  • Pork Loin Chops $2.59/lb.

Sunflower Market:

  • Avocados 3 for $1
  • Red, Yellow, Orange Bell Peppers $0.88 each
  • Onions 2 lbs. for $1
  • Red or Green Lettuce $0.99 each
  • Navel Oranges, Tangelos, & Mandarins $0.88/lb.
  • Chicken Sausage (FREE OF NITRATES & MSG), all varieties $1.99/lb.
  • Remember today is Double Ad Wednesday!

Buy Low Market:

Ok, so some people feel the way about Buy Low that I feel about the Orem Wal-Mart: “I would rather die than go there!” And thanks fine, but I am Paleo poor!  If I can buy eggs for $0.79/doz., 2 lbs. of JonaGold apples for $1, and lean ground beef for $1.99/lb., I have to go for it! Now there are times when I substitute quality for quantity, while shopping here, BUT not always. And I really do need to stick to our grocery budget and I would rather eat lesser quality Paleo than any non-Paleo  junk. And I would rather eat less quality Paleo than starve, so if I have to go to Buy Low I will do it! My stomach and my wallet come out thankful! Ok, so now for the deals:

  • Anjou Pears $0.69/lb.
  • Cameo Apples 2 lbs. for $1
  • Celery 3 for $1
  • Yellow Onions 8 lbs. for $1
  • Tomatoes 4 lbs. for $1
  • Green Cabbage 7 lbs. for $1
  • Oranges 8 lbs. for $1
  • Loose Carrots 4 lbs. for $1
  • Iceberg Lettuce 3 for $1
  • Boneless Beef Sirloin Tip Roast $2.49/lb.
  • Ground Pork $1.59/lb.
  • Bone-In Boston Pork Butt Roast $1.59/lb.

Happy Shopping!


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