What do you do on those nights that you don’t feel like cooking, or are hard-pressed for time?

You are tempted to do fast food, but you know you don’t have a lot of legit choices. You feel like you are stuck with choosing between eating Paleo, or eating junk/”cheating”. We feel your pain, but we’ve found we don’t have to sweat it anymore! 

We just go into our local grocery grab a few hot rotisserie chickens and a bag of salad. We go home and we chow down GUILT-FREE!

So when you find yourself in the same place, we hope this helps!


About mcferrenfamily

Outside Ordinary is a place where I can share recipes, tools, and resources that have helped me live in a more healthy way, financially, physically, and spiritually, and emotionally. Thanks for peeking into my little world!

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