This article, by Don McNay, is such a great read! It compares being financially fit to being physically fit, and I think that’s pretty cool! Good food for thought 🙂

“I’ve often compared being financially secure to being physically in shape — fiscally fit and physically fit.

Most of us want to be physically fit, but very few of us are. The same holds true with financial security…”

For more, click here: and read the full article.


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Outside Ordinary is a place where I can share recipes, tools, and resources that have helped me live in a more healthy way, financially, physically, and spiritually, and emotionally. Thanks for peeking into my little world!

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  1. Seymour Standridge says:

    Staying physically fit may reduce your time spent sick during cold and flu season by nearly 50 percent, according to a study conducted by researchers from Appalachian State University and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.”

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  2. Paulita Eilders says:

    Physical fitness is of course very necessary because we want to live longer and we want to avoid some lifestyle disease like diabetes. ,`”,

    With appreciation

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