The Good Earth Natural Food Store has several locations, but we frequent the one in Orem. In my opinion, most specialty food stores can be pricey; HOWEVER, I have also found great prices on some key items and I have also been able to find rare favorites too! So let’s get started…

Terra Vegetable Chips – $3.79 per bag

  • We (including the kids) love to snack on these! It is a smaller bag, so keep that in mind. With veggie chips, many have potatoes in them, so be selective! Also Terra makes different flavors of chips, but many have sugar or other non-Paleo ingredients, so don’t go by the manufacturer. This is the only bag of Terras that we have found that we feel comfortable eating. We classify this as a special snack.


Mayonaise Substitute/Soy-free Vegenaise – $4.95 per jar

  • This is what our family uses as a substitute for mayo. As a huge fan or Best Foods Mayo, I think it is not bad and does not taste yucky and meets the mayonaise itch for me and my kids. We don’t use mayo a ton, but when my kids want a sandwich, periodically, this is what we use. We do soy-free because soy products are not Paleo approved and have “dangers” associated with eating them. For more info, click this link:


Applegate Lunch Meats – $3.00 – $4.90 each

  • Ok, my absolute favorite find at this store!!! I love lunch meats to snack on (you see, I grew up eating bologna sandwiches for dinner) and because of this and the price, I was quite excited :)! These are CLEAN meats and this store carries a VARIETY of different kinds. My personal favorite is the Genoa Salami ($3.37) and Brandon’s fav is the Uncured Pepperoni ($3.00). They are both delicious!!! Applegate also makes lunch meats with unique seasonings.





Flour Substitute/Unblanched Almond Flour (or Meal) – $4.73/lb.

  • I use almond flour for cookies, pancakes, breading, etc. I like to make sure I have at least 1 lb. on hand. This is found in the BULK SECTION and so you can bag as much as you need. This is awesome for someone on a budget because normally a pre-packaged bag of maybe 1 lb. is approx. $12.00 per bag. This too much money for me to pay, so instead of avoiding recipes with this ingredient, I am able to cook foods that include almond flour (including fried chicken!). The difference in buying this almond flour is that is in unblanched (which means the skin on the nut has not been removed). Your $12 bag is blanched and has the skins removed. I do not mind the unblanched version at all!



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  1. gooberguz says:

    Where did you find it – we are having a major hard time finding it. and yes 12$ is way to much money

    • Hi, sorry it’s been a while! I have been laid up due to shoulder surgery. Are you specifically asking about almond meal? If so, I go to The Good Earth (which has various locations in Utah County). It sells for $4.40/lb. If you are asking about something else, please let me know – I am happy to help!

  2. brookefrost says:

    So guess what? I went to the Good Earth store in Provo last night and they don’t have the pepperoni! I even asked. They said only the Orem store carries it. Looks like I need to head up there!

    • Oh bummer! That’s always such a let down when you go to the same store and then don’t have the same products :(. Well, my husband used to work for the Good Earth for a long time and I know they take customer feedback seriously. Perhaps when you go to the Orem Store you can ask them to mention it to them. You should be in luck at Orem!

  3. Brooke Frost says:

    Thanks for these posts about where to find good things in our local stores! I think my son (10 years old) would really like those Applegate pepperoni in his lunch.

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