Ok so I tried this recipe this evening and to be honest, it was because the word “muffin” and “icing” were being used! As a mom of an 8 and 4 year old, Paleo can be a bit difficult for the kids to buy into.

So I made these and I like the idea and it was fun to put “icing” the meat muffins, but to us, they were lacking flavor. And a note, if you are doing Paleo, is that most recipes we have run across lack salt entirely, or taste better with more added. When we added salt on top of the muffin (that looked like white sugar crystals), it made a world of difference!



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Outside Ordinary is a place where I can share recipes, tools, and resources that have helped me live in a more healthy way, financially, physically, and spiritually, and emotionally. Thanks for peeking into my little world!

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