Our church is having our annual Christmas Dessert this Tuesday and I will be making treats that are “Paleo” for the most-part and completely yummy!

Here are the recipes for the treats I will be bringing:

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES – The only alteration I make to these is I only use 1/3 cup of sweetener (agave or raw honey). I find the full 1/2 cup to be too sweet (but this is because I have been eating Paleo for over a year and my palette has changed). For the chocolate chips, I normally use Ghiradelli’s 60% Cacao Chips from Smith’s or Maceys, but to be legit Paleo you would need to buy a bar of chocolate that is 70% or more and then chop it up. My favorite is Green & Black’s 85% bar or Ghiradelli’s 85% Twilight Bar. I lovethis recipe because it is so simple, but delicious! My family never misses regular choco chip cookies when I make them.

PUMPKIN BREAD PUDDING – Made this for Thanksgiving this year and I was tasty and light, and hit my “sweet” spot.

Paleo desserts are a little bit harder to get used to, especially if you are expecting it to taste just like a regular dessert (made with processed white sugar and flour), but just be more healthy. It tastes so sweet for a reason!

I always choke under pressure, so this time I am praying that I can simply follow the recipes and not miss that “one ingredient” (if I mess up its because I missed 1 stinkin’ item from the recipe). I hate it! But I have done these both before and they are yummmy!


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Outside Ordinary is a place where I can share recipes, tools, and resources that have helped me live in a more healthy way, financially, physically, and spiritually, and emotionally. Thanks for peeking into my little world!

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